Marketing with Pinterest: Share the Picture of Your Small Business

Pinterest, a new and explosively popular social media network, has captured the attention and imagination of “pinners” globally. This community has enjoyed record breaking growth and shows no signs of slowing down. People are captivated.This community has become a fabulous audience that can interact with your small business’s internet marketing plan.

The Secret of Online Scrapbooking’s Success

Marketing with PinterestWhat’s the secret of this online scrapbooking community? I think the best explanation of Pinterest’s popularity lies in their own defining statements:

  • "Pinterest helps people collect and organize the things they love.”
  • “Pinterest helps people discover things in a simple, visual way.”
  • “People on Pinterest are connected by shared interests—their passions, hobbies, tastes and values.”

Pinterest offers users the ability to create a visual conversation representing their hobbies, values, and passions.

Getting Your Small Business Started on Pinterest

Pinterest has a very user-friendly layout. There are easy to follow directions at every step of setting up your Business page. Here’s an outline of what you need to do:

  1. When you go to ‘Join as a Business’ you’ll find a simple online form to fill out.
  2. If you already have an existing account you can convert that page to a Business Page.

When you’re complete the form, you will be able to read about the Pinterest basics, which includes:

  1. How to ‘pin’ – a picture, an inspiring quote, etc.
  2. How to add a ‘Pin It button’ onto your page, which is the tool that will allow others to ‘repin’ your ‘pins’, spreading your message.
  3. How to create ‘Boards’, which house a collection of items.
  4. You’ll also learn about Pinning Principles:
    1. You are urged to consider what your ‘pinners’ care about;
    2. To Talk to them directly;
    3. To create ‘boards’ that are inspiring with beautiful images; and
    4. To show them not just product, but what inspired the product p the people, the places the things.
    5. It is very important to post original content, not just ‘re-pin’ other’s content, especially as a business.

Social Media Marketing Relies on Inspiration and Authenticity

This is a site where you are asked to put up visual images that reveal the true nature of your company. Your Pinterest boards allow you to show off the core beliefs and the character of your brand – everything that separates you from your competitors. The concept is that if it inspired you to be in the business, it can inspire interest about your business in others. This is also an excellent medium for sharing the fun side of your business – you could make a board for photos from staff events, and other ways your company participates in the local community.

Pinterest, the Social Media Game-Changer

Facebook led the way in connecting friends, both new and old.Twitter took 120 characters and spaces and figured out how to create a story, a buzz. Pinterest’s instant popularity sent a shockwave through the established social media. The picture-centric layout has caused the other major social media networks to massively redesign their interface or services to follow Pinterest’s visual trend.

With this growing focus on visuals, small businesses have the opportunity define the way they are viewed. And for anyone in a business that easily lends itself to wonderful visual images this is a great fit: Pinterest is perfect for anyone in travel industries, animal industries, like veterinarians or pet sitters, and of course designers of any variety.

So if you haven’t started your Pinterest business page yet, do it now!Find some visual image or a quote that inspires you, pin it and let it inspire others. Browse the community to find other pins that speak to your business. Who knows? Maybe the inspiration you create today will bring you a client tomorrow.
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