In Small Business Social Media Marketing Content is King

I’m sure you’ve heard on numerous occasions that “content is king.”It’s true. Some of you may have wondered:  Why? Isn’t it enough to have a website? You are right that the website is where it starts, but your content and resulting social media marketing actions are the key to your site being viewed.

Content captures the viewer’s interest: informative content keeps their attention, and clever content will bring them back for more. Highly informative, clever content that is well branded, marketed and distributed throughout your social media outlets can create for you more than just a client. You’ll get a source of referrals, a social media ally who tweets about your business and re-shares your content.

Content: What is it and Why is it so Important?

Social Media MarketingContent is, quite literally, what is written on your website pages and in your blogs. It is the pictures posted on your site, as part of a blog, pinned to Pinterest or anywhere else in “social media-land.”Your concepts, your logos and the branding for your company shape your content and the way in which you deliver your content:  Differentiating your business from the next guy is one of the most important things your content can accomplish.

In this day of information, most people want to be able to make informed decisions when purchasing a product or service.They no longer want to be told to use a particular name brand by some miscellaneous authority who tells them it’s the best ‘squidget’ in the marketplace.  They want to be able to learn about squidgets and choose make their own choice regarding squidgets – but that means they need enough information about squidgets to choose wisely. Your content helps them to choose their sqidget.

More and more we see that the referral source on a purchase is now most likely from a friend, relative, or co-worker.  Your content may very well be informing a close contact of your incoming customers, who never even saw your blog, but listen to someone who did.

How Should I Keep up with Fresh Content?

Staying up on the latest changes, upgrades and developments in your field will certainly be of great help and should be shared. But don’t assume the public already knows everything about your work or product.  Pieces of information that you may take for granted may be brand-new for most everyone else, so share those freely well as the latest and the greatest chatter.  Blog regularly, offer newsletters, send out updates, pictures with captions.  These items don’t have to be lengthy or posted every hour, but you should keep them current and predictably scheduled. Whether it’s weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly: keep it consistent so your readers learn to look for you.

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