Why Google+ Needs to be Included in Your Internet Marketing Plan

Google+ is the Google answer to Facebook – and until recently, it placed a distant second in use and relevancy. After two years, you still might be asking “Google what?”New search features, however, have made Google+ very important to small business marketers.

Google has changed the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) game with Search, plus your world. When a user is logged in to their Google account, it personalizes their searches by prioritizing results from friend circles.For example, if Frank is searching for a local auto shop, he will not get the same results as Joe searching in the same area: they have different people in their circles, and their search results now favor auto shops linked by their friends.

When you are trying to find a service that you have not used before where do you ask first? Your friends and family, of course.When users are logged in to their Google account to search, Google now gives top ranking to sites endorsed by their friends.

Get Your Small Business Connected with Google Social Media

Google+ Your Internet Marketing PlanGoogle+now has millions of members and is growing fast: all Gmail users are now automatically logging in whenever they check their email. And Google has taken it further, by building social media into their search algorithm. Just as individual user searches give preference to sites linked in their circles, universal search results now take in to account the number of +1s (think Facebook “likes”) a site has received. This means that as your Google+ profile gains in popularity, your search rankings go up.

Like all social media accounts, when starting from scratch you need to spend time building your circles. The bigger your circles, the larger your networking reach becomes.

To draw attention to your Plus profile, be sure to incorporate SEO optimized keyword phrases in your posts and statuses. This improves their search rankings giving you the visibility necessary for growing circles. And as always, regularly share relevant and informative links.Think of your profile as a new landing page; you can link back to certain pages and services to encourage visitors to interact with your site.

Maximize +1’s Impact on Your Search Rankings

+1 is similar to the Like or Share buttons on Facebook: whenever a +1 button is clicked, it registers on the user’s Plus profile, sharing it with their circles. Including a +1 button on your site and especially blog allows readers to interact and immediately link anything they find interesting. Additionally, your page receives an additional ranking bonus whenever a +1 comes from someone already in your circles.

These new links help your site’s SEO in two ways:

  1. As more users link your site, blog, or Google+ profile, the wider your social search network becomes, and the more search + your world results you will show in.
  2. A high quantity of +1 links boosts your organic search results by drawing Google’s attention to your site as a popular and reputable source of information.

Google Authorship Works to Your Advantage

Google Authorship is a system designed to verify you as a source of quality content. It shows an author’s picture beside search results, adding a human touch to your content.By making your posts stand out, you can look forward to higher ranks and more click-throughs. As a Google-recognized author, content posted by your profile is ranked higher than syndicated content.

Setting up Google Authorship is a two-step setup process:you need to install a link in your blog template and connect your blog to your Google+ profile. For more information on setting this up, check out what Google has to say.

SEO has long been integral to online marketing, but now Google+is rewriting the way we look at SEO content and social media marketing. With its close ties to organic search rankings, Google+is becoming one of the most valuable tools for small business marketing campaigns.

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