The Future of the Internet Lies in the Use of Mobile Applications or Apps

Guest Blog: It’s not enough in today’s business world as a local business merchant or company to just be relying on your website and email marketing to conduct business.

As a matter of fact, many Internet business analyst see this approach running out of gas and in a bit in a steep climb which may result in creating a dip or contraction in business potential as new prospects begin going to your competitors, who are implementing these strategies with mobile technologies as an important component to their business marketing  in 2013 .

70-89% of Local Business Searches are Done by Mobile Smartphone Users

The business landscape is changing and it is changing rather rapidly as more and more customers are conducting local business searches via their smartphones.  As a matter of fact 70-80 % of all those local business searches are being done now by mobile smartphone users and this is continuing to trend upward into 2013 and beyond.

A high percentage of smartphone users take action within an hour of such searches and buy product and services as a result.

The question to be asking is your business getting these inquiries and traffic?

The future of the Internet lies actually not in making your website look better but in the use of integrating with mobile sites and applications.

The New York Times stated in a January 2012 article that “mobile marketing is the most effective marketing and promotional device of all time!”

Many businesses are not adapting to this rapidly changing environment fast enough and it is reported that 90% of all businesses with web sites have NOT configured their sites to mobile phones or apps. And as a result of not displaying their sites properly for this they are losing potential business to those merchants or local businesses that have created a mobile presence.

Why use a Mobile App for your business?

Good question.  In today’s world consumers are pretty much in the driver’s seat and call much of the action when it comes to wanting product and services. All they have to do is use a search feature on their mobile smartphone and they find what they are looking for, research where it is available, best price, and in most cases make their purchase LOCALLY swiftly.

The question becomes are they finding YOU in such local searches and doing business with you or with another business locally and in many cases one of your direct competitors down the street?

The average mobile smartphone owner downloads an average of 30-40 apps to their phone. Many of these are built in on the I Phone, Samsung, or Android mobile devices and the younger the demographic, the more apps downloaded.

A mobile app has some distinct advantages for the smartphone user:

1). Once downloaded you have your business in their pocket and all they have to do is press a button and your business is right at their finger-tips to call directly with live links to your product or service and directions to your business. All in one snap!

2). You can send an instant message to the business and even better than that businesses can send special alerts or notifications of events, discounts and free offers to their preferred clients or customers. All in one special message.  And the press of a button! Very cool!

So as a business owner you should be thinking of how to get more in the game in 2013 and make this key transition in your marketing to capture prospects and new business via the mobile smartphone revolution for sure. A customized app for your business that integrates with your web site is the answer.

This article was written for the Doug Hay & Associates Website by Bob Cisco, mobile smartphone specialist.

For more information on integrating your web site and creating a customized mobile site or app, contact Bob Cisco, President, Go Mobile Solutions at and 818-448-9694.