How to use Facebook to Build Brand Loyalty

Let's be clear upfront that we're talking about building brand loyalty here, not annoying your potential customers until they leave and never come back. That's pretty much the exact opposite of what we're looking for. Everything we talk about today is focused on what our audience wants and will make them come back for more. That's what “brand loyalty” is all about.

Understanding Facebook's Algorithm

Before you use Facebook for your social media marketing, you need to understand how the site decides what's most important to users and what gets put at the bottom of the news feed.

Though Facebook doesn't technically call it this any longer, internet marketing specialists still say “EdgeRank” when we refer to the algorithms that decide what users see when they log in.

Three primary factors affect EdgeRank: Affinity, Weight, and Time. We'll take a look at each one and see how it impacts your fan page.


If you comment, like, and share your Uncle John's posts on a regular basis, Facebook thinks you must like him an awful lot, and your Affinity towards Uncle John is higher than say, your Cousin Ruben who only posts pictures of his prize-winning poodle and whom you mostly ignore.

If Uncle John comments on a business's page or likes a special offer, you're much more likely to see it because in the past you've shown you care about what he says. Your Affinity is high and any business marketing to your uncle will have a chance at snagging you too.

Small businesses have Affinity with users as well. If you produce content that motivates people to act, (comment, like, or share) you'll increase Affinity and have a greater chance of showing up in their Newsfeed.


Every story or action on Facebook has Weight, how much depends on a few factors. Generally speaking, photos and videos have more Weight than a simple status update, but it might vary depending on the type of content a user likes best.

Actions such as clicking, liking, becoming a fan, commenting and sharing all have Weight as well, and just as you'd expect, commenting on a video carries more Weight than just liking or reading a status update.

Create a variety of content to appeal to your audience's tastes to boost your visibility in the Newsfeed. Use Facebook Insights or other analytic software to discover the content that generates the best results.


The older a piece of content gets, the less interesting Facebook thinks it is and the odds of it showing up in a user's Newsfeed are slim. Make frequent, quality posts to your page in order to stay relevant in Facebook's eyes.

What's the biggest takeaway from what we know about Facebook EdgeRank?

Create awesome content and engage your fans. Brand loyalty comes with trust in the company and great interactions with the customers.

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